Group 08 - Institute of Chemical Technology. Prague (Czech Republic)


The Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds (DCNC) of ICT in Prague has a broad experience in chemistry and stereochemistry of monosaccharides and their derivatives including analytical methods. The main topics studied within the last 5 years have been focused on the regioselectivity of various reactions leading to thiosugars, aminodeoxysugars, deoxyfluorosugars and galactosyl phosphonates. The stereoselective cycloaddition reactions have been applied on sugar templates (de novo synthesis of C-disaccharides). The aim is to find new potential biologically active compounds possessing antiviral or cancerostatic activities.

This group is expert in chemistry and organic stereochemistry of carbohydrates, stereoselective synthesis of carbohydrated mimics, partial reactivity, kinetics, mechanisms of reactions and spectroscopic and analytical methods (HPLC, GCL, CE, IR).