Group 07 - Oxford University. Oxford (United Kingdom)


Our research comes under the broad heading of chemical glycobiology and glycoscience. The Davis group has extensive expertise in the synthesis, manipulation and redesign of naturally occurring carbohydrate-containing structures allows the probing of key biochemical mechanisms and hence, through the understanding of these processes, the development of potential therapeutic strategies. Our work involves experimental techniques ranging from novel synthetic methodology, target synthesis using both biotransformations and conventional synthetic methods to molecular modelling, enzyme kinetics and protein chemistry. Our research interests, at the exciting and rapidly expanding interface between chemistry and biology, include: Glycoprocessing enzyme inhibition and mechanism; Exploring enzyme systems; Novel drug delivery systems; Synthesis and use of glycoproteins; Glycoside and oligosaccharide synthesis.

Of particular relevance to the network is our creation of the first examples of the new class of glycoconjugates, glycodendriproteins that will form a core platform to be explored by the project. Furthermore, our work in several areas of glycoconjugate creation and carbohydrate science has led to the creation in 2002 of the spin-out company Glycoform Ltd.