Group 11 - DC4U B.V. Bussum (Netherlands)


DC4U B.V. is a spin-off company from the department of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology of the VUmc. DC4U aims to design DC targeting glycans for developing anti-cancer therapies, as well as auto-immune diseases and infection diseases. DC4U is a Drug Discovery Factory (DDF) group company. DDF aims to transform leading medical research into successful products.

The group of Prof. Dr van Kooyk, VUmc, is internationally well recognised for its research on the immuno-biology of dendritic cells (DC) and their related immunomodulatory capacities. The qualifications of the group are described in detail above.

DC4U B.V. was founded to focus on the DC targeting glycans and delivery methods in order to develop products for modulating DC-pathogen and DC-self antigen recognition as well as tumour recognition to control infectious and autoimmune diseases and cancer. DC4U B.V. is based within the department of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology and makes use of its facilities.