Group 01 - Instituto de Investigaciones Químicas, CSIC. Seville (Spain)


The Seville team belongs to The Carbohydrate Group of the IIQ at the CSIC. During 30 years the Group has consolidated an important position in the area of carbohydrate chemistry. This group is devoted to research in the field of the synthesis of carbohydrates and neoglycoconjugates, preparation of carbohydrate multivalent systems (Glycodendrimers and glyconanoparticles) and to study the potential applications of these compounds in Material Sciences as well as in Biomedical Science. The interface between academic research and the private sector has led to a number of collaborations with international companies and with the creation of a spin off to develop new technology based on the research of the Group. The Carbohydrate Group has participated in several Research Training Networks and has considerable experience in this type of Network as well as hosting foreign students. It is also important to point out that the facilities provided by the IIQ guarantee the successful development of the projects in our laboratories.

Another important development has been the establishment of a methodology to form new well defined water soluble three-dimensional carbohydrate polyvalent model systems, which have been named gold glyconanoparticles, for the study of biologically relevant carbohydrate interactions. These nanoparticles try to reproduce the clustering of cell attached receptors and they can be considered as an useful tool for the rational analysis of carbohydrate interactions and the development of new techniques of screening diagnosis and therapy.